What does the budget say about our priorities?

President Trump has a budget. Many people are dissatisfied with the cuts to various agencies. The most concerning in terms of anti money laundering and counter terrorism is the reduction in soft power funding by way of decreasing the State Department budget. Many people are coupling this reduction with increase is military spending. I choose not the couple it because our ability to combat money laundering and terrorism require both hard power and soft power. The problem the US has had since 2003, when we went into Iraq, is a heavy reliance on hard power. The inability to negotiate has put the country in a position where it has to spend more on military action as negotiating strategy. 

This is a terrible mistake. The Cold War told us that spending a greater portion of the national budget will bankrupt the spender and provide the upper hand to the weaker nation. 

I won’t go through how history played out. I will just give you the end, the overspender, Russia, lost. The roles have reversed, it seems. The US is increasing spending even though it already spends more than the next… Five nations? Ten nations? Instead of trying to win economically, the US will continue to let Asia climb to dominate the world stage. 

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