ComplyTech: Accuity Compliance Solutions

Accuity is a technology company focused on the financial services industry. MoneyCompliance reviewed the database search product it developed for American Bankers Association early this year. (Not so great when it launched.) The company has a solution for compliance needs. No information could be gathered about what institutions are using the product.

A review of its offers seems to be along two lines: provides a centralized source of public data and integration into its other products. Accuity is clearly focused on providing more to its existing clients with its Compliance Solutions. Technology-wise, it is also much simpler to provide additional solutions to self-developed products.

This really means that the additional tools, when standing alone, compete with much bigger rivals like Thomson Reuters and Factset. Plus, one of its products seems to be powered by LexisNexis, so, it is merely an integration of another vendor’s product into its own product.

Not that there is no value in these solutions, but there isn’t a great amount of value unless Accuity is a primary vendor for your compliance department. That goes back to our first claim, which is that we do not know of any financial institution that uses Accuity.

However, there is great potential of Accuity. It is a subsidiary of Reed, a business information company. Should they really decide to invest in competing in this space, financial institutions will have more options. The question for Accuity is whether it has missed to boat on becoming the primary source of information for the compliance officer.

About the Author: Marcus Maltempo is a compliance professional with more than a decade of experience helping banks, law firms and clients manage investigations and regulatory responses.


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