Meta: What the audience is interested in

Sometimes, this blog will be meta about itself. This is one of those times.

MCB World

Here’s a map of the visitors of this blog. More red the country, more visitors from that country. It isn’t surprising that US is the overwhelming leader. What might be of surprise is that the EU is not second. Neither is the UK nor Hong Kong. I suppose Australia could be a contender, but it isn’t. Japan would be considering its importance to the global financial markets but because of its language, it was never going to be a contender.

India brings in the second most visitors. Rightfully so since India has agreed to implement FATCA, the US tax law. Indian financial services firms are especially eager to glean any sort of compliance knowledge. Sadly, tax law is not an area this blog covers, nor is it an area this blog specializes in.

The fact that other countries I mentioned come just after India is not surprising since financial services play a outsized role in those markets.

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